Energy Audit

Aries Corporation performs Lighting Audit

Aries Corporation performs energy audit to improve lighting quality and reduce energy consumption.

Aries Corporation is  Oncor and TNMP approved vendor for their respective energy incentive programs.

Together, with our partners, we also offer Turnkey Electrical & Lighting design solutions for new buildings.

Lighting Retrofit:

Aries Corporation provides modern super efficient lights designed for your application environment.  Technology includes  SSL/LED. We analyze your site for:

  • intensity of lighting: how bright is the light.
  • Uniformity of lighting: how consistent is the light level throughout the area.
  • Color of lighting: how accurately does the lighting render colors.
  • Efficiency of lighting: how much light per watt of electricity does the lighting system deliver.
  • Lamp life: how long do lamps last before they must be replaced.

Aries Corporation  performs lighting audit.